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The Japanese term “fukamushi” means “deep steamed”, so Fukamushi-Sencha directly translates to “deep steamed Sencha”.

Fukamushi-sencha is another type of green tea that is extremely common in Japan.

being much richer than the normal Sencha in taste, it also contains much greater levels of nutrients. This makes Fukamushi-Sencha a great candidate for your “everyday Japanese tea”.

Fukamushi-Sencha contains all the health benefits.
Like Sencha, perhaps the main health benefit comes from the nutrient Catechin. Catechin is a type of polyphenol, containing a huge array of health benefits. Perhaps it is the most well known for the powerful antioxidant characteristics it carries. It is said to be more than 10 times the effectiveness of other antioxidants such as Vitamin C or E. Antioxidants are required for your cells to stay young and strong, and is an extremely important, basic foundation of the health of anyone’s body.
Not only this, but Catechin also contributes to effects such as the reduction of body fat, reduction of blood cholesterol, prevention of high blood pressure, and hindering of tooth decay.
The great thing about Fukamushi-Sencha is that – you can find nutrients which you may not find in normal Sencha.
These are nutrients such as dietary fibre, chlorophyll which is effective to maintain the intestinal environment, vitamin E, beta-carotene which is a type of an anti-oxidant, and other types of minerals such as copper, zinc and manganese.
These are nutrients that are contained in the green tea leaves, but are not easily extracted and consumed through normal infusion. However, for Fukamushi-Sencha, the tea leaves are crumpled and will float as small particles in the tea. They will end up being directly consumed, allowing for the nutrients that cannot dissolve in water to be absorbed as well. This is in addition to the nutrients you can consume through normal Sencha.


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